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Grace, trials, and our regularly scheduled lives

The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.– Matthew Theissen, “Be my Escape“ Tim shared this bit of lyrical insight with me as we sat in Red Robin. We were grabbing a bite of dinner on our way home from yet another visit to the doctor to diagnose yet another troubling infection […]

A thoughtful quotation

It is impossible to win the great prizes of life without running risks, and the greatest of all prizes are those connected with the home. No father and mother can hope to escape sorrow and anxiety, and there are dreadful moments when death comes very near those we love, even if for the time being […]

Random thoughts from quarantine

I’m not sick, but I’m keeping company with my son as we try a few weeks of reletive isolation to see if his immune system can heal outside of constant exposure to myriad germs. I have a few random thoughts as the sun tries to break through the clouds (figuratively and literally today). Random thought […]

My son is someone’s hero

How often do we get to hear that we’re someone’s hero, genuinely an inspiration to them? My friend and YMX editorial colleague, Amy, asked me yesterday if she could write about what she sees in Tim as he faces his illness’ twists and turns. I said sure, not realizing what an amazing blessing we would […]

A thought about life and Lent

Spiritually speaking, I would have to put myself in the “loves to pause and consider” category. I know many people who have had occaision to observe my life might even laugh out loud about that idea because, frankly, it’s a rather high-velocity spectacle in which I dwell. But, inside, I crave solitary time in worship […]