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I’m a minefield. You might be too.

If you’ve been around me much these past few weeks, you may have noticed that I’m struggling to keep it together — and failing pretty often. There’s a lot going on in life, more than an average level of upheaval in life and ministry, and, if I’m to be true to living authentically, I need […]

What’s happening now?

I’ve seen a few of you, my blog-reading friends, either in person or around the wonderful web, and you’ve asked for an update. There’s so much happening in life now, above and beyond the work transition, but the work transition is the focus of most of my days. With just a few weeks remaining in […]

Where in the world?

There was this post I scheduled for yesterday, a few thoughts on last week’s reading in Genesis, that was scheduled to post as I was traveling. Not only didn’t it post, but it isn’t here anymore. Boo. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Patti! Instead, let’s chat. I’m working today from a coffee shop in Ocean […]

39 years ago today

39 years ago today I was a very small girl of 4 years sitting on the living room floor where my mother ordered me to be in front of a television.  This is what I saw: [youtube:] One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Thanks, mom, for making me watch. I just […]