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For Maria, about World Malaria Day

My friend Maria Fenty was in love with the people of Sudan. More than once she trekked there to encourage and serve people in the ravaged south, loving those whose lives were on the line daily. She told me that she hoped to go live there to serve the women and children struggling to survive, […]

Some loose ends may stay untied

A month already? It’s hard to believe that a month ago today we arrived in Carrefour. My heart does not believe it, yet my calendar says it is so. Our time there plays like a movie in my head. I promised to share some stories from the displaced persons camp (aka tent city) we visited […]

Heart Cry

A friend posted an original poem on my facebook wall this morning, saying he thought of me when he’d finished it. It spoke to my heart, and it blessed me that he shared it with me. I’m republishing it here with his generous permission, and the prayer that it speaks to your heart as it […]

The least of these are Haiti’s children

I journaled multiple times daily while I was in Haiti. It seemed that every free moment drove me to my pen and notebook. To re-read it in composing this post was excruciating. I have spent hours already and I don’t know if I can adequately convey the thoughts and feelings, and the reality I witnessed. […]

“This is Haiti”

It was cloudy over the country as our flight approached Haiti. Glimpses of mountaintops and sea, then touchdown. We stepped into the tropical warmth, onto a crowded bus, into a more crowded terminal to stand in line for a long time. Nothing to declare. Keep the green card. Put the passport away. Claim the luggage. […]