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It’s definitely not a circus

Romeo Church, where my friend and business partner is a pastor, is doing something remarkable this week. The people of the church have gone to the fair. Why is it remarkable? They are doing something near and dear to my (and I’d strongly contend to Jesus’) heart – they are taking church to people! They […]

A lull, of sorts

I finally got to speak yesterday afternoon with the neurologist covering for mine, who is taking care of rounds at the hospital this week. While I didn’t completely understand the words from the radiology report, the gist of it is that there is an “unenhancing lesion” on the spinal cord near the 2nd cervical vertebrae. […]

Praying for Cathie

My not-so-baby baby girl is on a mission trip in La Paz, Bolivia with a group from The Diocese of Albany. Today is their first whole day on the ground there, and I imagine they are feeling more rested after having arrived very early yesterday morning on the overnight flight from Miami. I’m praying that […]

Crazy days, or is that daze?

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to compose a few thoughts and have time to sit at the computer and put them down. I’m sorry, I know there are many who surf by regularly and see nothing new. It’s not that I haven’t been at the computer, I have. It’s that lethal combination […]

Random thoughts from quarantine

I’m not sick, but I’m keeping company with my son as we try a few weeks of reletive isolation to see if his immune system can heal outside of constant exposure to myriad germs. I have a few random thoughts as the sun tries to break through the clouds (figuratively and literally today). Random thought […]