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This and that

A few things on my fingertips this sunny Thursday: This morning’s readings were simply awesome in combination. While I generally read them, I don’t usually have that cumulative wow reaction. The photo to the right is from my back yard. See the bumble bee busy at work? (click for larger photo) Tim got a great […]

Celebrating Darwin’s theory, but no one else’s

Came across an odd headline in today’s Times Union: Theory of evolution still divisive As Charles Darwin’s birthday nears, debate over his ideas continues According to the article, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings will proclaim Tuesday, Darwin’s 199th birthday, Darwin Day. (You thought February 12 was remembered for Abraham Lincoln, didn’t you?)  Meanwhile, there is a […]

A blah, but busy, day

The weather is gray, cold and that nasty freezing stuff is glazing our area, I can’t seem to feel awake, I just finished paying bills, I’m working on the fun FAFSA form (to apply for college financial aid), and there’s nothing helpful being said about the talks between the Mets and Johan Santana as the […]

Untraceable: Voyeurism run amok

Owen Reilly (played by Joseph Cross) has a point to make about the demeaning, painful nature of being the family member of a man whose suicide played live on the evening news. In the age of viral video and the internet, Owen’s father’s suicide becomes a “classic” and he’s out to prove that American culture […]