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No Line on the Horizon

Since their songs first came to the US on import vinyl, were only played in clubs and college radio, I have loved the artistry of U2.  The aching faith, the drive to make the world better that comes through on this new album, No Line on the Horizon, reminds me of The Joshua Tree, How […]

I’m up late thanks to Third Day

I’m presently sitting with Tim and watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because Third Day is appearing on the program tonight.  This will make the second night in a row I’ve been up late related to Third Day!  Last night I was finishing up and publishing a review of their newest album, Revelation, which […]

Because they really are Brothers

Tonight was the first of the slew of graduation-related events, a unique to CBA military review called “The Mother’s Day Review.” The cadets, led by the music of the Regimental Marching Band, parade in formation and stand inspection by their cadet leaders and the military officers (Army Jr ROTC) and school officials. The “mothers” part […]

WOW hardly says it

YSJay posted about the video below on twitter, saying Wow, talk about being gifted – Great video to talk about our gifts & abilities with teenagers- Thanks Steve Case. I have to confess, I’m not a reality TV fan so when I saw the video was from the April 12, 2008 edition of Britain’s Got […]