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Hmmm… Liberty was phased out

The New York Liberty license plate was one of my personal favorites, and I was sad when they were phased out for a different design by 2000. But that’s just a bit of background. Sitting in traffic today I noticed that the battered gray Dodge Ram 15-passenger van directly in front of me at the […]

Atrocities abound

My grandfather walked across the country now known as Myanmar, during WWII. As an American volunteer serving in the Royal Engineers he helped to build the gasoline pipeline that preceded the Burma (or Stilwell) road. I wrote more about that here. If you watch the world news at all, you’ve seen some reportage about the […]

Hmmm: Politics as usual in Albany

“We have just witnessed an insider’s game of self-dealing that unfortunately confirms every New Yorker’s worst fears and image of all that goes on in the Legislature of this state,” Mr. Spitzer said If you’re not sure about what the Governor speaks… the story is here. (NYT, free registration required.) Another gem from the story:Mr. […]

My recipe for campaign reform

I know that I’m not the most savvy political guru on the planet, but I’m a citizen who takes her participation in the process seriously. The way I see it, when I vote I’m participating in the hiring committee. When I hire someone there are some key bits of information I want to know, so […]