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NYC Homeless Plan Documentation

Thanks to an email reply from The Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy organization, I’ve been able to find some official documentation of the existence of the “5-or-0 rule” in a City of New York concept paper.  There are 2 concept papers related to the Bloomberg administration’s plan to aid the city’s 35,000+ chronically homeless […]

This is the wrong direction, people!

With regard to my strong belief that Christians ought not expect the government to handle the mercy and justice aspects of the Church’s mission, I need to vent.  I came across a news item today providing information that just astounds me in it’s abject stupidity. Churches forced to boot homeless As temperatures fall and the […]

We don’t have to live like this

It makes me deeply sad, broken-hearted even, to see how the church in all it’s various constituent parts, treats people in and outside it’s ranks.  In my devotional time, I’m presently reading in Jeremiah, which, I’m certain, is influencing my present deep sadness over the state of God’s people.  To be certain, there is much […]

Blog Action Day: love146

Poverty is one of a number of factors contributing to the blight on humanity that is child sex trafficking – human slavery for the most depraved of purposes.  Of course, there are also social, religious, cultural and political factors which contribute to human trafficking. All of them are preventable. It has been my privilege for […]