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Being with… the importance of presence

The power of being present has been on my mind quite a bit lately. That solitary sentence has existed in isolation in a draft post for months. It’s still true, so I thought it was time to dust it off and hang out with it for a while. What originally spurred it? I’m no longer […]

The hope of Patrick was Jesus

The life of St. Patrick, known as the apostle of Ireland, bears no resemblance to the festivities most of us in America associate with the day. As with many holidays, St. Patrick’s day has become a celebration of Irish heritage through traditions that have nothing to do with Patrick himself, and often have little even […]

“My daddy and a blue truck”

2 minutes that will change your day for the better, even if you’ve seen it already. This military mom can’t get enough of that sweet little face when she sees her daddy. Use it as a moment to remember all the military families, and other service families of police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel, who […]

This is the wrong direction, people!

With regard to my strong belief that Christians ought not expect the government to handle the mercy and justice aspects of the Church’s mission, I need to vent.  I came across a news item today providing information that just astounds me in it’s abject stupidity. Churches forced to boot homeless As temperatures fall and the […]

Changes in Diocese of Albany’s Camp and Youth Ministry

Late this afternoon I received the following list email: To all my Beaver Cross friends and family, Currently the Diocese and Christ the King Center are having to make some tough choices and changes. One of those changes concerns the staffing of the summer camp and youth ministry programs. In order to help make those […]