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Audio hilarity

No one wants to get old. especially youth workers.  So, earlier this week when my son sent me a link to the infamously annoying to teenagers mosquito tone (a noise in the high-end range that our ears lose after years of  loud music, screaming kids, and chronological advances), youth workers everywhere started posting with glee […]

Where I’ve been hiding

In honesty, I haven’t been hiding.  I was preparing my self-houshold-work for thryoid surgery.  I am nearly completely recovered – just some more time for the incision to heal and my visit to the surgeon for follow-up on Tuesday is expected to provide the all-clear. I have many things about which to blog, and that’s […]

It’s Friday already?!

Wow, has it been a full week.  There have been a number of topics zooming by about which I said “I should blog about that” but I honestly haven’t had the concentrated time to flesh out the ideas.  I get stuck there sometimes, forgetting that blogging is not demanding perfection – nope, that would be […]

Let’s see…

Those of you who read this site via RSS won’t see any difference in posts coming to your reader or email inbox, but if you’re a surfer, you will.  Last night, in an additional apptempt to figure out why certain strange code behaviors are causing my content to be inserted in different places in the […]