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The Secret Life of the American Teen

As soon as Cathie and I saw the promo spot for the new ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teen, we put the show’s premiere date on the calendar so we’d remember to watch together.  That calendar entry now repeats for each Tuesday at 8 pm, I’m hoping that we’ll have many […]

WOW hardly says it

YSJay posted about the video below on twitter, saying Wow, talk about being gifted – Great video to talk about our gifts & abilities with teenagers- Thanks Steve Case. I have to confess, I’m not a reality TV fan so when I saw the video was from the April 12, 2008 edition of Britain’s Got […]

Center for Student Rights

In January I wrote a bit about Cathie finding a cause she was passionate about while at the Excel Conference. A facebook group, a few planning meetings, numerous emails, phone calls and instant message exchanges later, she’s still passionate and has taken on a good deal of responsibility for organizing a Prayer Breakfast for May […]

This week gets an !

Why am I surprised when, just at the right time, God blesses us? I don’t know why I’m surprised… in fact, maybe surprised isn’t the right word? Awed, humbled. But God does bless us in answer to prayers, in answer to needs and hopes, and sometimes just because we love and trust him. A couple […]

Home, with a cause of her own

Shortly after she got into the car at the end of the Excel Conference, Cathie was telling me about a  project she and some other local students have decided to take on.  She tells me it’s called “The Center for Student Rights.”  Naturally, I asked her some questions about it!  Her answers are in italics. […]