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Quotable: Jerome On the Scriptures

Don’t you feel, here on Earth, that you are already in the kingdom of heaven, just by living in these texts, meditating on them, and not seeking anything else?

Visible Invisibility

The plight of the so-called Invisible Children of Uganda is a harsh reminder of the ongoing war in that country.  Factional fighters raid villages kidnapping the boys to be forced conscripts and the girls to be for breeding more child soldiers. This video gives an overview of the situation there, set to a song by […]

‘In your anger, do not sin’ is hard life lesson, online and in person

No matter what your age or spiritual maturity, handling anger in a biblical way – one that draws you closer to God rather than separates you from him – is both a high calling and human challenge. We humans want to be right, we want what is fair (in our own estimation) and be found […]

A hush fell over the crowd

Within hours the US House of Bishops will issue their official response to the Primates (heads of each of the constituent churches in the Anglican Communion) requests of them regarding upholding the teaching of Scripture with regard to human sexuality, marriage, and leadership.  There are many dedicated bloggers present in New Orleans for the meetings, […]

Bible Conference and Chili cook-off?

Yes!  I giggled at first, but you know church people and their amazing ability to produce large quantities of their favorite recipes and yesterday was no exception.  About 80 people attended the day-long conference centered on Bishop Love’s emphasis on getting back to basics and studying the scriptures as a whole, followed by sampling quite […]