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Theology, socially

As sometimes happens during the day, I was chatting on instant messenger about youth ministry with Adam yesterday.  We were talking about a mutual interest, something he was planning out a blog post on – discipleship.  As the conversation rambled around some ideas, my interest was grabbed by a particular facet (or tangent, lol) about […]

Why I love Apple

Customer service. The macbook pro notebook computer I use all day, every day, isn’t the one I originally purchased.  I was a free replacement under the terms of my applecare warranty, bestowed upon me when the part for my 2-year-old powerbook G4 notebook was taking too long to come in.  I blogged about that here […]

Important questions

Our 2 days of Parent Orientation were full of seminars designed to answer the “burning questions” asked by lots of parents who are sending their kids to Saint Rose.  Many of the questions were about navigating Saint Rose systems like finances, safety systems, schedules, academic help, dorm rules, and meal plans.  Pretty routine items, all […]

A cool web toy, er, I mean tool

For pretty much ever I have tackled planning projects with a cloud of sticky notes and a large blank wall. Each part of a project would get a sticky, which would get sub-stickies as I thought of them. Little did I know that for all those gazillion projects I was doing what has become known […]

If you’re a twittering youth worker

If you’re a youth worker and you use twitter, like I am, there are a few special-to-ym twitterers I’ve added, and thought you might want to follow, too. Youth Specialties: Simply Youth Ministry: Lifeway: Youth Ministry Exchange: PlanetWisdom: Youth Ministry TV: Have you found others that are […]