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Amazing Library of Congress photos on flickr

This amazing baseball photo showing future Hall of Famers Ty Cobb(left) and Christy Mathewson (right) at the 1911 World Series (New York Giants v. Philadelphia Athletics) is part of a huge collection of digital reproductions of photographs uploaded to flickr by The Library of Congress. Go look at them. They need help tagging all 3000+ […]

Feedburner fun

Like a lot of bloggers, I use Feedburner to syndicate my blog posts, along with the FeedSmith plug-in for WordPress to redirect folks who subscribed some other way.  It’s a great service that we also use for our Youth Ministry Exchange content feeds.  It helps keep track of what content is read and interesting bits […]

Will the Internet end Compartmentalization?

There are no secrets on the internet. Really. Some high school students in Minnesota learned this the hard way when some photographs of a party were posted on the social networking website The problem isn’t that there was a party, it’s that the students were depicted drinking alcohol, which is against the school’s policy […]

MBP go zoom!

Yes, it may seem silly – unless you’re a techy – but I’m very excited about upgrading the RAM on my MacBook Pro from 512K to 2G (about 4 times as much).  It means that internet pages load faster, more applications can be open simultaneously and that my computer will generally cooperate more quickly with […]