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What I did on my SOPA blackout day

This post was written in advance to post on the afternoon of January 18, the day many websites demonstrated their opposition for SOPA and PIPA by shutting down or displaying banners to that effect. I posted late last night on my Facebook and Twitter accounts that I was signing out for 24 hours in protest […]

Homeless Awareness: Extreme Makeover Edition

Telling stories is a powerful way to raise awareness, give insight and move someone to action. If done well, telling a person’s story helps me to identify with them in a new way, to find a place of connection and realize that the acceptance of our stories is the frontline of offering grace and redemption […]

Hey, You Never Know

I recently spent some time with a youth worker friend who shared an amazing story with me. So beautiful, this story, so clear an evidence of the hand of God, that I’m compelled to share it with you. This youth leader friend, along with a few students, stopped into a large youth event that was […]

Amazing race!

Did you see last night’s Olympic swimming?  Specifically the men’s 4x100m relay?  If you missed it, go watch it here right now! Now we’re off to Albany High to get Cathie’s athletic dept paperwork finished for for swim team (practice starts next week).