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Homeless Awareness: Extreme Makeover Edition

Telling stories is a powerful way to raise awareness, give insight and move someone to action. If done well, telling a person’s story helps me to identify with them in a new way, to find a place of connection and realize that the acceptance of our stories is the frontline of offering grace and redemption […]

Inauguration Day 2009

One of the things I most appreciate about being an American is our peaceful transition of power.  To emphasize that intentional setting-aside of difference, the President and President-elect choose to ride together from the White House to the Capitol.  All the living US Presidents attend the oath, regardless of party.  There are lessons for the […]

Amazing race!

Did you see last night’s Olympic swimming?  Specifically the men’s 4x100m relay?  If you missed it, go watch it here right now! Now we’re off to Albany High to get Cathie’s athletic dept paperwork finished for for swim team (practice starts next week).

39 years ago today

39 years ago today I was a very small girl of 4 years sitting on the living room floor where my mother ordered me to be in front of a television.  This is what I saw: [youtube:] One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Thanks, mom, for making me watch. I just […]