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What is a right?

I listened carefully to the coverage of the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision yesterday to uphold the right of individuals to own firearms.  The decision, historic in prime because it is the first to address the Constitutional issue of personal  gun ownership, made a lot of people happy because it upholds a personal […]

Is $5 gas inevitable?

As I passed a number of gas stations on a short trip today, each with signs reading between $4.10 and $4.20, I began to wonder about reaching the $5 level.  Is it inevitable?  A year ago, gas in my area surpassed the $3.10 mark and many of the same discussions about fuel conservation and consumer […]

Students have First Amendment rights. Unless…

A federal appeals court offered up a disturbing bit of Constitutional reinterpretation this week regarding the free speech rights of students. The decision also erodes the rights of parents by saying that saying that schools have “a responsibility… to teach students the boundaries of socially appropriate behavior.” The case involves a high school student who […]


Today I came across a journal page where I’d done some word research on the word memorial, probably for a sermon or a paper.  I think it jumped out at me because it’s Memorial Day and for many people that simply means a day to open the pool or a nice long weekend to have […]

An American Parable

Is it still possible to achieve the American Dream? You know, the one where parents hope that their children’s lives will be “better” than their own; where if you work hard you can pull yourself up the socio-economic ladder to a “better” place. Is it possible? Andrew Shepard, a recent college graduate from North Carolina, […]