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He followed directions, mom

This is the stuff of which family folklore is made. Thanks to youtube, we all get to hear the story. Good job, kid. [HT @andrewbadera]

Shea-ing goodbye

The last section of Shea Stadium fell today into what will be the parking lot of CitiField, which is slated to host the final two exhibition games of the Mets ’09 spring schedule on April 4 & 5 against Boston. (two videos embeded below) Farewell, old friend. Maybe my name will get picked for tickets […]

“My daddy and a blue truck”

2 minutes that will change your day for the better, even if you’ve seen it already. This military mom can’t get enough of that sweet little face when she sees her daddy. Use it as a moment to remember all the military families, and other service families of police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel, who […]

The dance party

Yes, it was fun to watch live.