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Homeless Awareness: Extreme Makeover Edition

Telling stories is a powerful way to raise awareness, give insight and move someone to action. If done well, telling a person’s story helps me to identify with them in a new way, to find a place of connection and realize that the acceptance of our stories is the frontline of offering grace and redemption […]


Today I came across a journal page where I’d done some word research on the word memorial, probably for a sermon or a paper.  I think it jumped out at me because it’s Memorial Day and for many people that simply means a day to open the pool or a nice long weekend to have […]

The incredible, emotional irony

One of the little ironies that emerged in today’s coverage of the Albany County Legislature’s 22-15 defeat of Resolution 84 was just too good to let go without comment.  Doug Bullock, a freshman legislator and one of the measure’s sponsors, made two comments that contrast so nicely. First, to those “nasty” people who called his […]

Tom and Tim’s excellent adventure

The men in the house went to the courthouse for the legislature’s meeting, and Tim decided to sign up to make a statement during the public comment time. He was #2 on the list of 20; by Tom’s reckoning only 3 people spoke against the resolution, 14 for it, and the remaining few about another […]