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Nearly prepared, totally ready

By this time tomorrow I’ll be flying the friendly skies to Atlanta for Youth Ministry Exchange‘s big debut as an exhibitor at Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention. Adam and I, along with Todd (a member of our forum moderator team) and Amy (our managing editor) and a bunch more YMX friends, are excited to […] is here!

Today marks the launch of an exciting new Christian resource website which brings together all the amazing offerings of the member ministries and organizations of the Gospelcom Alliance. I had a preview of the new while it was in beta as Adam linked Youth Ministry Exchange content (all of the articles and resources, not […]

Atrocities abound

My grandfather walked across the country now known as Myanmar, during WWII. As an American volunteer serving in the Royal Engineers he helped to build the gasoline pipeline that preceded the Burma (or Stilwell) road. I wrote more about that here. If you watch the world news at all, you’ve seen some reportage about the […]

Two new sites in the YMX family!

One of the details that’s important to Adam and I as we look to the future of Youth Ministry Exchange, LLC is adding value for our members and advertisers alike. This week we’ve added two new sites to this ‘value added’ category: and The first – – is a free venue for […]

the ‘Online Communities’ view of the world

click the image for a full-sized version.the image above was copied under xkcd’s (the image owner) creative commons license shown with the image on this page. This image is a snap shot of the ever-changing world in which teenagers live and move. IMO, there are some territories (like myspace) that are shrinking, while others (like […]