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Five Required Maintenance Steps for Social Media Accounts

Social services such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube and more, all have one purpose, right? They exist to connect you with people with whom you share interests and with whom you want to share ideas, right? Wrong. While supporting you in making all kinds of social and business connections, social media networks are constantly […]

Extended Adolescence Symposium

Youth workers, by definition, serve adolescents – but who are those people? Under 18? Under 30? For a few years now, there has been considerable discussion in the medical/psychological academic world about the existence and implications of the lengthening of adolescence. It’s a conversation that the church, and youth workers especially, need to join in […]

The Lost Art of Respect

People watching is an integral part of my life. I’m keenly interested in how people interact with one another across lines of belief and culture. I notice details that many don’t, or at least never speak about.  I can’t turn this habit off, nor do I think I’d want to even though it frequently leads […]

Hey, You Never Know

I recently spent some time with a youth worker friend who shared an amazing story with me. So beautiful, this story, so clear an evidence of the hand of God, that I’m compelled to share it with you. This youth leader friend, along with a few students, stopped into a large youth event that was […]