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Will the Internet end Compartmentalization?

There are no secrets on the internet. Really. Some high school students in Minnesota learned this the hard way when some photographs of a party were posted on the social networking website The problem isn’t that there was a party, it’s that the students were depicted drinking alcohol, which is against the school’s policy […]

The Force is strong with this one, Master Yoda

Fox News online reports this story from the UK: An 11-year-old boy demonstrated The Force when he defended his mom by hitting an attacker with a toy lightsaber. The man, in his 30s, fled after being confronted by the youngster outside a bakery in Swardeston, near Norwich, England. Police said the boy hit the man […]

Growing up Online

Those in youth ministry, and especially those with teens in their household know all too well that kids spend significant amounts of time online.  PBS’s Frontline program is going to explore this youth culture sphere in “Growing Up Online,” set to air starting January 22. If you’re a parent, involved in ministry to or with […]