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Thank you for being a friend

Five years ago at just about the time of day I’m writing this post a group of online friends were giddy with excitement about opening a website. It was the night an idea to connect and resource youth ministers became a website that ultimately connected a couple of thousand youth workers to each other, offered […]

The conversation

Here I am again, in a lovely hotel room going over the plan for my day here at Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. This event has had incredible impact on me over the years, meeting amazing people who have become friends as well as gaining resources and ideas to refresh my soul, challenge my […]

Sneak peak: Sometimes It All Blows Up in Your Face

Shhh… this is a sneak peak of one of the videos from Youth Specialties upcoming National Youth Workers Conventions. I’ve watched it a few times already because, well, it managed to collect the range of feelings and even hit some common issues a great many youth workers face all year long… in under 2.5 minutes. […]

Podcast fun

A long while ago, Adam and I used to have fun putting together the  YMX podcast. Until a short time ago, I didn’t realize how much I missed it! Thanks to some great youth workers who podcast regularly for the youth ministry community, I had the great fun of participating in their programs as a […]