Chiseled by the circumstances ministry arranges
Hammered by the things allowed that make such drastic changes
In my life and fondest dreams, I’d hoped to realise,
Chiseled by my circumstance – I’m chiseled down to size!

Chiseled by the word of God that happened to my heart
Shattered by the truth I know you want me to impart
Broken by the Word of power that had first broken me
Drawn by the fire of God to speak and set it free.

Chiseled by the people that you bring into my life
People who are difficult and cause me grief and strife.
Teach me, Lord, to honour them and help me, Lord, to see
They’re not as near as awkward or as difficult as me.

Chiseled by by secret pride I choose not to confess
Sobered by your knowing that my life’s so passionless
Shaped by all my sad regrets that cause you so much grief
Chiseled by my secret sin and shallow unbelief!

Chiseled by my children’s choices – chiseled by their pain
Feeling I can hardly breathe or ever smile again!
Daring not to glance at Heaven and see my Father frown
Yet looking anyway, to see compassion smiling down.

So chisel in, Lord, till you see the likeness of your Son.
Blow by loving blow remake the image you’ve begun
I only want to be like you so still me in your hands.
Lord, craft this piece of “marble me”
Into the pattern planned.

Jill Briscoe

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