Continued laughter… What a Day!

Of 40 jurors called, 2 were excused, 23 were chosen, I among them.  I had to abstain from voting on the case in which I was married to a witness (ha!), but now I’m serving the people of Albany County each Wednesday through April 30.  Like I said below, I’m not opposed to serving, and it’s never convenient, but it is important.  So I serve.   And that’s all I can say about that because Grand Jury proceedings are secret – my Wednesdays have become a black hole.

However, much happened outside the jury room today.  While we were working, Eliot Spitzer resigned as Governor of New York, effective Monday, again with all the arrogance he could manage for one whose hypocrisy, infidelity and immorality has been broadcast around the world for 48 hours.  Pray for David Patterson who will become our Governor, and those whose jobs will be changed substantively, or lost because they were Spitzer appointees.  Pray for New York and New Yorkers as we seek to move on from the scandal.

Also, there was some sort of “white powder in a letter” incident (it turned out to be baking soda) in the courthouse, between where I was and the Capitol.  That created some excitement as well.

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