That’s what the Mets and Yankees were to each other yesterday.  Crushing. I guess it’s “good” for history that each team gets to brag that they demolished the other at each of the closing stadiums.   But, the earlier game at Yankee Stadium was a memorable classic, while the later game wasn’t really so memorable (unless you keep stats like “left on base” for fun).  Don’t get me wrong!  For this Mets fan, it was great to watch Pedro tie up A-Rod at the plate (especially the K swinging). It was just as if there were two entirely different teams playing the late game.  Leaves me scratching my head.

The late game was a this-season-normal, lack-luster game from the Mets at Shea.  I wonder if they left their fight in the Bronx?  Jerry, Omar, maybe you could send the bus (with the police escort) back to get it? I dunno, but the hero of the day, Carlos Delgado, didn’t really get the celebration he deserved for his gold-star play in the early game.  The man set the teams’ single game RBI record (9), while hitting a 2-run double, a grand slam (see it here – it was the team’s first since late-season 2006) and a 3-run HR.  He was playing DH, and if the AL has any smart GMs they’re looking at yesterday and saying, “hmmm, he’s going to be a free agent.”  Both times as a DH this year, Delgado was great.  I’m not one of those who’s been saying he needs to go, but it’s hard to argue with the evidence that he shines in the DH role and may very well be available to fill it at the end of the season.

Two more games this weekend against the Yanks at Shea.  Which Mets will show?  If I could place my order, I’d like to see the Mets whose pitching/defense were working together and whose offense brought their table-setting-and-clearing skills, and where they get their pitcher some run support early and often.  And, can I get that with a side of humble for that Bronx team?  Oh, and, for dessert, get the Mets over .500 this weekend, please, mm’kay?  That would be lovely, thanks.

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