Customer Service, again

sprint.jpgOur latest Worst Customer Service Ever award goes to – Frank at the corporate Sprint store in Crossgates Mall.

Last evening Tom, convinced by the very sweet batting eyelashes of his baby girl, agreed to take Cathie to the Sprint store to buy the phone she’s worked hard and saved her own money to buy. Moments before leaving the house for the 10-minute drive to the mall she phoned the store to confirm they had the phone in the color she wanted in stock. The representative, Frank, told Cathie that there were 2 and she replied she was on her way to get one.  Off she went with daddy, her own cash in hand.

rumor.jpgUpon arriving at the store (15 minutes after the phone call) another representative was helping Cathie with her transaction.  The rep went to the stock room and returned empty-handed saying there were none.  Cathie explained that Frank told her just a few minutes ago that there were 2, to which the over-hearing Frank retorted “you didn’t tell me to hold one.”  Cathie was not a happy girl standing there with cash in her hand; observing this, Frank said “go to Best Buy, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Uh, yeah, great customer service attitude there, Frank.  Way to go, lying to customers about stock-on-hand and then making it their fault.  Of course you didn’t understand “I’ll be right there” to mean she was coming there immediately to purchase the phone. And, by the way, you really ticked off her dad, too, who will likely be calling the company you work for today to express how poorly you handled the entire situation with Cathie, as well as with the other customers who were also being treated with disdain by you.

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