He walked through the exit of the gate area straight toward me, nuzzled his face in my shoulder and neck and said, “sleep.” I’ll count that as a hug from my no PDA guy, because I got to put my arms around him.

When he stood up, I could see he’d grown up some more on this trip. Not so much in stature, though he’s dropped enough weight that he had to make a new hole in his belt for the trip home, but in challenges conquered. Eleven days in the wilderness hiking, trying some really tough climbs, building relationships with people and God.

As we rode the escalator toward the baggage claim, Tim casually said, “Lightening struck about 100 feet from me Saturday. It was really cool, I was on my ground mat all crouched down in the thunderstorm and saw it hit a rock. It was awesome.” After I got over the lightening part (and quickly looked him over in a head-to-toe glance), I agreed that it was cool indeed to see Creation at work.

I know he’s been thinking about spiritual things. As we waited for the team to sort out their gear in baggage claim, Tim turned to me and blurted his urgent question, “Mom, tell me what’s been going on with Israel while we’ve been away.” He asked a few pointed questions that were clearly related to the end times. Of course, he’s read Revelation; he also knows that we just need to be ready and not waste time trying to predict what God will do or when he might do it. It was interesting to hear him make that connection, though. He’s so aware of the connections in this life… as aware as he is that this life isn’t all there is to it.

The really smelly pack currently sitting in my kitchen aside, I’m glad to have him back. I’m thankful that he’s conquered something… I can feel it. I’m disheartened that his arm is still shaking and it kept him from climbing as much as he’d have liked, but when I heard about the last climb he did that involved swinging on belay around an outcropping above a mountain lake, I’m amazed.

The stories will be told over days and weeks to come, and I relish them. But for now, our boy is sleeping in his own bed. This mother’s heart is glad.

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  1. Derek
    July 24, 2006 at 3:21 pm #

    WOOHOO!!!! Amen for lightning strikes, belays, and smelly packs!

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