Elves and creative church invitations

I’ve been involved with a good number of churches and ministries over time, and I am fully aware of the challenges of keeping the message about services, events and ministries – even about the existence of the church – fresh, positive and in front of the community. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy the way that my friend Adam and romeochurch.com use creative video to do just that.

Here is their promo video of Adam and the church’s brand new worship leader, Jimmy, painting a prominent community spot called “the rock” (you’ll see why) – using the activity and the video to invite folks to their December 23rd service.


The Elves were quite visible (you can hear the cars honking), and Adam’s high school students say it was the talk of the school today. Did you catch that? A local church was the talk of the high school… for a good reason, for something fun!

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