Extended Adolescence Symposium

Youth workers, by definition, serve adolescents – but who are those people? Under 18? Under 30? For a few years now, there has been considerable discussion in the medical/psychological academic world about the existence and implications of the lengthening of adolescence. It’s a conversation that the church, and youth workers especially, need to join in a meaningful way.

When I heard from my friend Adam McLane about the Extended Adolescence Symposium, my first thought was, “Finally!” The Youth Cartel has gathered the leading voices on the science and theory of a phenomenon called extended adolescence and is bringing them together for a day of discussion that is sure to be incredible. I am so sure of this, I eagerly supported this event via kickstarter and I want to give you my ticket. In case you haven’t heard about the event, here is a short video of Marko Oestreicher telling more about it:

So there you have it. Monday, November 20, 2011 following the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta. Here’s the deal: Do the two items listed below and you will have an opportunity to have my ticket for your own. One (1) recipient will be chosen at random on October 15; one (1) entry per person.

1. Answer this question in the comments: Of the “camps” regarding extended adolescence that Marko mentions in the video, toward which do you find yourself leaning? How does that effect how you do youth ministry?

2. The ticket is worth $100; make a donation of $25 (or more) to one of the charities listed below and be willing to demonstrate so via email. I chose a variety of organization of whose effectiveness I am certain.

** disclaimer:  I pledged financial support to the event at a level equivalent to purchasing the ticket. I have no financial interest in the charities below other than supporting the work they do to make the world a better place.




Compassion International (other than existing child sponsorship)

The Girl Effect

Charity: Water







3 Responses to “Extended Adolescence Symposium”

  1. jasperfjohn68
    September 17, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    I can’t figure how to “package” this as a news item for our fellow alums. Care to take a shot? :-)

  2. patti
    September 22, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    FJohn, I’m guessing anyone in the fields of ministry, education, social science, or parents could benefit from this information.

  3. Joel Diaz
    October 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    I definitely lean toward the Dr. Epstein, Teen 2.0 side of the argument with my own children and the youth group I help lead. I have changed the programming of my youth ministry to be more inclusive of the church at large and less about doing activities that are “youth” only sorts of things. I encourage and find ways for the youth to plug into the “adult” areas of the church.

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