Fascinating article from Doug Leblanc

In case you need another example of how reasserters and reappraisers are talking past one another, read this comparison of the election processes in the Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of California by religion journalist Doug Leblanc. Follow the links, read the questions. Eye opening. Also, in the time after the article, Albany Via Media has posted it’s own questions for it’s members to ask at the upcoming Candidate Forums, which are good questions to ask as well.

Thanks to Bishop Dan Herzog for pointing this out, and to Mr. Leblanc for helping me find it when googling was fruitless.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m up to my eyeballs in the election plans as a member of Albany’s Standing Committee. I plan to get back to posting more regularly (don’t faint Derek) after the election of our new Bishop Coadjutor at the Special Convention, March 24 & 25. Pray with us for wisdom and discernment. In fact, check in at Albany Intercessor.

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