Feedburner fun

Like a lot of bloggers, I use Feedburner to syndicate my blog posts, along with the FeedSmith plug-in for WordPress to redirect folks who subscribed some other way.  It’s a great service that we also use for our Youth Ministry Exchange content feeds.  It helps keep track of what content is read and interesting bits and pieces of other information that’s useful in numerous ways.

But I have a frustrating problem and I can’t seem to get a response.  In comparison to other sites also using Feedburner, my content seems to take a very long time to get out to readers.  When something is published on friends’ blogs or a YMX site like All Access or Youth Ministry Tips, it gets to readers within seconds.  My content takes from 1-5 hours!

I realize that my posts aren’t generally breaking news and are rarely urgent, but clearly something just isn’t working right with my Feedburner feed.  I’ve installed all the right code, done all the troubleshooting steps, and even posted on their help forums with no results.   Anyone have any ideas why this lengthy delay happens?

One Response to “Feedburner fun”

  1. Amy
    January 18, 2008 at 1:47 am #

    I have no idea why the lengthy delay happens.

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