Grace notes

Sometimes there are moments where grace finds me, and I realize that I haven’t been watching the way I’d hope to. I want to share a couple of them with you.

From M., an 8th grader with real challenges in school and life due to autism, to me during hang out time at our youth ministry…

I feel normal here.

From N., the 6-year-old son of a friend and volunteer, written on a poster (in his own spelling) he made to tell people about God…

Dear kids or adallts if you do not now abowt Jesus then I will tell you abowt him! he is the best! hear is som stkrs of him [stickers depicting Jesus all across the bottom of the construction paper page]

From A., an 18-year-old who has struggled with emotional disorders (culminating in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder) for longer than the 6 years I’ve been in the picture, to me over instant messenger…

A: i’m walking proof that it can get better, if u want it to…

me: I know you are!

A: I would not have made it without support from my parents and you, and Jesus :-)

me: I’m just glad that you’re doing so well, that you are moving forward with life and setting goals… there was a time when it wasn’t clear that you’d be able to do that.

A: I know, I had people telling me at one point that that was how life was gonna be for me, i was just gonna be alone for the rest of my life and have no job or anything cause that was who i was and that’s what was wrong with me

me: good job proving that wrong!

A: thanx, i was so sad when i heard that, i thought well, this is me and this is how life is always gonna be and this sux. but everyone kept telling me they were wrong and stuff, and well, i guess they were.

me: what they didn’t count on was the power of God in your life, the fact that your family and friends wouldn’t give up on you

A: yeah i think God had crazy cool plans for me that i didn’t know about and still has awesome plans for me in the future

A: I think I need to remember that no matter what people come and go because they are humans like [name and name] and others but no matter what i have said and done Jesus has not left he has not said i’ll get back to u when you lose 20 pounds i would love u more if u looked like her, stop crying you’re annoying me, NO! He weeps when I weep and he loves me for me!

me: you’re making me cry with joy

A: awwww, sorry, but it’s the truth!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

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