Happy Go Forward Day!

riddlecups.jpgRemember Dixie Riddle Cups?  My mom could get me to drink anything (even the dreaded serving of milk) from a Dixie Riddle Cup!  I have no idea why I remember lots of the riddles if I try (I don’t even have to try hard), but there is one that I remember on this day every single year.

Q: What day of the year is a command to go forward?
A: March 4th!

Get it? 😀  If not, say the month and date out loud……… I knew you would get it!

So, what better to do on Go Forward Day than to get organized with an eye toward keeping up with it going forward?  I thought it was a brilliant way to celebrate something I already planned (and needed) to do!

So here’s what got done:

  • a significant amount of mail, junk, misc paper-like substances were sorted into piles named “follow-up”, “shred”, “recycle” or “file”
  • shred pile is shreded and bagged
  • recycle pile is bagged
  • follow-up initiated with various medical providers and the insurance co. – all but one resolved as of 5 pm with 2 checks coming and none outgoing at this point.
  • file is the only pile remaining to attend to, but it’s a very small amount in comparison to where we began.

There is more to do, but much progress was made and I feel like Go Forward Day was well-marked around here!

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