Heart Cry

A friend posted an original poem on my facebook wall this morning, saying he thought of me when he’d finished it. It spoke to my heart, and it blessed me that he shared it with me. I’m republishing it here with his generous permission, and the prayer that it speaks to your heart as it did mine.

Heart Cry
© 2011 Erich Kaminsky

Immobilized by the pain as I sit
No hearth no home in the rain
Thinking of how it was
I think and I sit and I live the pain
Why so filled with gloom
My soul yearns for love
Friendships broken and transparency destroyed
Everyone hides behind their pain
Not risking more, not giving to anyone
Shut-up with their justifications and deceptions
I cry for the lost
Whole countries rot with this
Haiti in ruins, Sudan butchery
But closer to home to have a friend reject you
Doesn’t seem so bad in fact gladness fills that hole
Moving on to help those in need
Forgetting what is behind
Pressing on toward the goal of being a blessing
In plenty or in want I strive to enter peace and rest
Leaving the pain behind I move again


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