Here a Sacrament, There a Sacrament

Two good friends of mine, Derek and Katie, were married yesterday. They were on my heart even as I awoke Saturday morning, and I’d been praying for them all day (from before my eyes were even open) because it was my sincere desire to have joined them and witness their wedding. Sadly, I wasn’t able to go to California this weekend. They knew I was thinking of them, and they even called as they rode in the car from the ceremony to take pictures on the way to the reception. It was a real blessing to talk to them on their special day, to know that not only was I thinking of them, but they of me.

They are both youth ministers, can you tell?

My continued prayer is that this new life they’ve begun and centered in their shared faith by making their solemn vows before God and the whole world will be an outward and visible sign of the grace of God at work in them. May God bless and provide for you in every joy, in every sorrow, in every day’s activity, in the trials that life will bring. May He seal your hearts for him and for each other, and make your home a lighthouse that others might find their way to him. Thank you Lord for Derek and Katie!

As if that isn’t enough (is there ever enough evidence of grace?!), this morning my daughter became Godmother to Mia Elizabeth Petersen, promising to do all in her ability to see that Mia is raised in the Christian life and faith. She knows the high responsibility and enters into it with her whole heart. God bless Mia, heal her and, by your Spirit, allow her to know you from this day forward. Make yourself known to Michelle day by day, more and more deeply, that she would be a strong and godly example for her daughter. Meet their every need, heal them and teach them to follow you with all their hearts. Thank you, Lord, for the love you have given Cathie for Mia and Michelle, give her wisdom and discernment and strength to always bear witness to your transforming power in her own life.

Thank you, God, that something always happens when we pray. Thank you God for these special places and times that you show yourself to us.

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