Hmmm: Politics as usual in Albany

“We have just witnessed an insider’s game of self-dealing that unfortunately confirms every New Yorker’s worst fears and image of all that goes on in the Legislature of this state,” Mr. Spitzer said

If you’re not sure about what the Governor speaks… the story is here. (NYT, free registration required.)

Another gem from the story:
Mr. Spitzer said that in recent days he had been asking lawmakers this question: “If Candidate X — take Tom — were approaching you and saying, ‘You know what? I’ve never done this before. Never invested a penny. Never made an asset allocation decision. Don’t know a swap from a derivative. But I’m setting up a money management firm tomorrow. I want your pension money to be my first investment. Will you give me your pension to start with?’

“Nobody said they would,” he said. “Nobody. That, to me, is dispositive. They wouldn’t do it with their money. But they’ll do it with the public’s money.”

I’m sick of the politics of self-service and croneyism. I’m sick of the nanny state ideal that bears the fruit of ridiculous taxes, stupid inequalities, and shrinking population because the state always favors itself while saying it serves us.

I’m even more disgusted by the huge number of voters that think this is ok – constantly going along with the dysfunctionalism and giving the pols all they ever ask for. Lemmings come to mind.

I may have to buy this cartoon for every politician in Albany.

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