Hmmm: Thursday thoughts

There are a few thoughts running through my tired brain on this Thursday, so I’ll share them in whatever order my fingers produce them…

  • Tim is still doing very well! He has experienced a few isolated symptoms, but by-and-large is doing great! We went last night to CBA’s Academic Honors Night where Tim was awarded Second Honors with a 92% average for the spring ’07 semester (the semester he wasn’t in school at all), and he performed the ceremonial music with the Wind Band without any major issues. That’s 4 days without significant episodes, btw, and 4 days of complete school days. This afternoon, Tim’s going back to participate in Writing Club, an extracurricular group he truly enjoys and really missed last year.
  • Cathie’s last meet of the swimming season is today. She continued her streak of personal bests in Tuesday’s meet. Immediately after that meet Tuesday, I attended Albany High’s Open House and met her course teachers. They all had great things to say about her academics, and also commented on her outstanding social skills. Yes, I would reply, she’s a very social young lady, I’ll speak to her. :)
  • A ‘mommy moment’ also happened at the Open House. The mother of another girl Cathie, ahem, socializes with, upon learning I was Cathie’s mom, exclaimed “O, your daughter is an absolute angel! My daughter and I were having a difficult time over something, and Cathie listened to her and encouraged her to come to me directly and work it out. What an amazing girl! I told my daughter, I want to know who this child is… I want to buy her presents!” I had the chance to explain why Cathie advised her friend that way, and the mom was very receptive and appreciative. It’s so cool when we see our faith values reflected back to us via our children’s actions!

I’m out of time for now, time to take Tim to his activity, then attend Cathie’s meet. Perhaps more later on!

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  1. Torre Bissell
    October 19, 2007 at 4:00 am #

    A happy, happy blog posting!

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