Hmmm: Time for a NY Tea Party?

Apparently the Governor and I don’t work from the same dictionary.


1. a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

teaparty.jpgWhy do I think this? Well, in the January 16 State of the Upstate speech, Gov. Spitzer said this:

No New Taxes

Lowering costs does not end with the issue of taxes, but it certainly begins there.

Last year, we held the line. We promised no new taxes, and we delivered no new taxes. In fact, we went one better and cut business taxes.

This year—despite the considerable fiscal challenges we face—we can hold the line again. I intend to submit a budget that makes tough choices. But it will protect the critical services of the State, make the investments we need for growth, and it will not raise taxes.

Then, yesterday, in his Budget presentation, the Gov. offered these:

  • Hike Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement fee from $5 to $20 per vehicle per year.
  • Consolidate gas taxes into one based on gas prices.
  • Tax certain flavored malt beverages like liquor.
  • Tax little cigars like cigarettes.
  • Delay 17 percent increase in the Basic Middle Class STAR rebate in the middle year of the 3-year property tax reduction.
  • Require certain Web sellers to collect sales and use taxes (“Amazon tax”).
  • Expand the bottle deposit to non-carbonated beverages.
  • Tax sales on Native American reservations.
  • Expand the Quick Draw lottery games availability.
  • Require out-of-state credit card companies to bank taxes on the money collected from New Yorkers.

Among other things.  You can read ‘Modest spending hike relies on new revenues’ by clicking here with more details about these not-taxes.

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