Hmmm: Using English goodly?

schoolroom.jpgOK, I admit it!  It drives me up the wall when educators use English – both written and spoken – improperly.  When letters come from school with glaring violations of the basic rules of grammar, it makes me want to scream.  When letters come from school with misused common words – there, their, they’re or then, than or where, wear – it makes me want to cry.

I know that no one’s English usage is perfect 100% of the time.  I understand the occasional mistake and typographical error.  The trouble is, I’m not writing about anything rare in my experience with the  correspondence from school.  For goodness’ sake! These are letters written by teachers!  These are the people who are charged with educating our, my, children.  They ought to set a better example.

The irony?  My daughter took a correcting pen to a recent letter home and did a fine job of pointing out – and fixing! – the grammatical errors.  Her favorite?  Beginning a sentence with because,  though the run-ons bothered her some as well.  That’s my girl!

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