Hmmmm: It’s a game!

patriotslogo.jpgI’m a Patriots fan, have been for a lotta years and it’s no surprise to most who know me.  Yes, there have been a few really great years in a row for them.  Yes, I’d like to see them win the Super Bowl again.  Sure, seeing them go 16-0 in the regular season and then win their 3 post-season games would be exciting! In fact, I’d love seeing that happen for anyone!

Listen, I’m a sports realist and a game purest.  I don’t tend to hold grudges in any area of life, least of all in sports.  I have my favorites, but I’m really not going to insult anyone for liking a different team than I do (I do tease certain family members about their baseball team, but I don’t hate them or their team for it).  I’m not going to trash the other teams who play my favorites, in fact, I want them to play their best too.  Good games are the best ones for fans, for the culture of the game.  Check that, honest good games are the best.

Earlier this season, I was dismayed to have the Patriots caught up in the video taping of the Jets sidelines.  I don’t think it was a good idea at all, and I really don’t like that Bill Belichick didn’t own his actions.  I also don’t like that what he did was a matter of technology use – it’s not observing the other teams signals the right way.  It just makes me scratch my head as a rule for anyone, not just for the Patriots who got caught at it.

I also really enjoy the way the Patriots click together as a football team.  Tom Brady has the advantage of having players in front of him who do their jobs well.  It’s enabled him to do his job well and break a bunch of records set by other QBs who had players in front of them who did their jobs well too.  It doesn’t make sense to me that Brady gets hated for that.  It’s not rational, like most sporting trash talk.  We need to call it what it is, jealousy… it’s silly.

For the record, No, I don’t think Tom Brady should have been the MVP.  In fact, I’d have chosen Brett Favre to honor among all the NFL QBs because he led a team that is essentially the same as last years club to a far better place this year.  That impresses me, even with the NFL records Brady set.

I’m not going to compromise on my favorite teams, I pull for them in the good times and when wins are sparse.  But I love the games they play.  They aren’t my personal role models, nor do I think they ought to be.  Many of them are not worthy of that status in their off-field conduct – they are paid a lot and misbehave a good bit and reflect a style of life that most people will never have (and that I, personally, wouldn’t want).   I like the way they play the game.  I’m perfectly willing to say that various players are obnoxious in interviews, or criminals, or that they give a lot of time to charitable causes, or that they’re strong Christians.  That’s all off the field.  On the field, I expect them to do their jobs well, and when they do… I’m happy about it.  But I recognize good play on both sides of the ball.

I know, it’s blasphemy, but, people, it’s a game.  Lighten up and enjoy the games!  You’ll live longer.

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