I expected better

frustrated.jpgWarning, this is a rant, a vent, an emotional outburst. It’s a “mama bear” moment, please take that under advisement before proceeding.

Friends, loved ones and regular readers of this blog are well aware of the incredible difficulty my son Tim has had to endure for the past 18 months because of his health. While he and all who know and love him are all incredibly blessed and profoundly grateful for the healing that is happening in his life, there continue to be places where the challenges he faces are fully known, yet disregarded. That makes a mom mad.

Tim is so strong in character, and has been made even stronger as he’s persevered through the pain, fear, embarrassment, need and turmoil that has accompanied the health challenges he has had to endure. He has withstood the nonsense of unceasing medical tests, poor doctoring, abandonment by some friends, the unwanted spotlight of pity, the loneliness of isolation, and the absolute loss of “normal” life for a high school aged guy. Yet, he has doggedly pursued his long-term goals, earning honor roll grades in school, an excellent score on his college entrance exam, and continuing to practice for mastery of his musical ability as he seeks a career in music production.

Yet, in spite of knowing all of this for 2 consecutive school years, a teacher today accused Tim of not being persistent enough about getting assignments from the teacher; assignments Tim requested of the teacher daily, which the teacher said each time he would provide yet did not. Not persistent enough. For asking daily, after class. Daily. It cut Tim to the bone, especially since he’d endured an episode of tremoring (his first in 10 days) during today’s lecture, yet remained in class to afterward ask once again for the assignments so that they could be completed before tomorrow’s end of the marking period. The list of assignments came with the twisting jab of blame for the innocent.

This teacher blamed the wrong young man of failing to be persistent; it simply isn’t true of him with regard to the work, or in any other way. I expected better. I expected better of an adult who has known Tim only in the context of his struggling to persevere with his college preparatory education, who achieved academic honors while being forced to give up the other opportunities for honors and advancement his peers were afforded because of physical health. Another painful disappointment, another trial through which Tim must persist. One he shouldn’t have to, yet the one before him.

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