In a quiet place

Cathie’s early swim team practice aligned with Tom’s work schedule and Tim and Stacy’s sensible Saturday sleeping to afford me an especially quiet place this morning.

In this time I’ve been praying for our household

  • Protection for Tom
  • Healing for Tim
  • Smooth start back to school for Cathie and Tim
  • Peace for Stacy
  • Healing for myself
  • God’s blessing on friendships and relationships, that each would honor Him
  • For God’s provision for our family, for our stewardship of that which God provides

and for the needs of friends near and far, as they come to mind

  • Dan, a co-worker of Tom’s who had a heart attack while running yesterday
  • Chelsea, Calley, and their families as they seek help and healing
  • Jean, recovering from hip replacement
  • Lisa and her family, overwashed by grief-after-grief
  • Shelley, as she prepares to run a marathon, and her hubby, Thom, for healing and peace
  • Allison and her family
  • Jeremie, Heather, Vicki, Steve as they start their post-high school lives
  • Chris and his wife who await word they can travel to Ethiopia to adopt their son, for the finances and travel, and for God’s hand of blessing on their family
  • Ruth who awaits word about donating a kidney, for the intended recipient that a suitable donor can be found
  • Len who’s heading up a retreat this weekend
  • Don who’s suffering from post-polio syndrome, and Peggiekay, his wife, Samuel and Benjamin, their sons
  • Katie/Derek, Michelle/Nick, Shannon/hubby, Megan/Dave and Amy/Kris who are expecting babies in the coming months
  • Beth and Joe who are grieving the recent loss of their infant son, Bryan Luke
  • Rob, who always asks for prayer
  • Larry and Jerusha as they take on leadership of the Breakfast Club, for the Lord to raise up all the help and provision needed
  • for our church to be as passionate about loving God, and loving our “neighbors” in and outside the church walls
  • for the YMX community, for Adam and I, Ruth, Angie, Todd and Amy as we lead, for our various projects and ideas for the business
  • for Johny in his transition to a new city and to seminary, for God’s peace and blessing on his faithfulness
  • for Maggie, Stephen, Tom and others as they make final preparations for the Adirondack half-marathon, two weeks away
  • for several discerning a call to ministry
  • for the Andresen’s, who grieve the loss of his father

I’m sure there will be many more who come to mind and for whom I will pray throughout this day… it’s time now to go and retrieve Cathie from practice, and the household will soon begin to stir. Thanks, Jesus, for this space and time to tell you about needs and people; help us to know you more, make you known, and have faith that confirms that you are already at work in ways that are immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine.

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