Infamy acheived

autumncolorIt was a gorgeous morning in the north east. The children were back at school and summer was fading into the realm of memories. The business day was beginning and everything seemed so normal. It was a new day.

High overhead, however, there were three places where normal was already gone, where the world as we knew it had already been upended. The rest of us would not apprehend the change for some time yet, but soon all would seem surreal, then excruciating, then numb as the unimaginable reality settled with the dust, debris and ashes.

Is this a joke, a fiction of dark imagination? Will there soon be a disclaimer scrolling across the screen? Was this really possible? Who? Why? Unspeakable grief crept over the watchers as the repeating scenes seared into the national consciousness. It seemed like everyone longed for a connection as phone lines jammed and the internet buzzed and dusty souls wandered dazed through open church doors looking for something to answer the emptiness.

What is ‘safe’ really? Does it even exist? Fear fed anger, the ranks closed, the flags flew, the questions raged. Fingers pointed. Freedom changed.

Hate was proclaimed as righteousness by the authors of destruction, their infamy achieved.

We will not forget. It is a new day.

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