Intro: The Jesus Way

This morning I spent time reading the Introduction to The Jesus Way.  I’m intrigued about this book as it draws examples of Jesus’ Way not only from Jesus’ incarnate life, but also from the lives of others who came before him.  Also, as in many of his works, Peterson places emphasis on eradicating any sense that laity or layperson = less than full participant in the kingdom of God.  I am looking forward to unpacking what Peterson means when he challenges the people of God not to jump past the way of Jesus, which is the means to the truth of Jesus, which is the path to the life Jesus gives.

From the Introduction, page 14-15:

The intention throughout this conversation is to explore the ways in which Christians follow Jesus.  The ways become clear in the act, and only in the act, of following Jesus on the terms enacted by Jesus.  None of the ways can be abstracted from Jesus, depersonalized into a principle or strategy.  I also want to post warnings against the many well-advertised ways and means that send us off on tangled detours or hopeless dead ends.  And, not least, I want to recruit my friends in Christ for the work defined by Maritain as “the Purification of Means.”

Ways and means that are removed or abstracted from Jesus and the Scriptures that give witness to him amount sooner or later to a betrayal of Jesus.  In this kingdom-of-God world, the person that we follow is the primary shaping influence on the person that we become.  Christians follow Jesus.

Part I, chapter 1, The Jesus Way, which I intend to post about tomorrow, is available as the sample excerpt on – click here to read it.  Making use of it would give anyone interested in joining the conversation here a week to find a copy of the book.

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