iPod broken?

crushed-ipod.jpgI had the chance to visit for a bit today with Bob, the entrepreneur behind www.thepoddrop.com, what a great guy!  His growing company repairs iPods and similar electronics – everything from batteries to broken screens to hard drives, name it.  The prices are a fraction of what it would cost to replace the iPod.

Adam and I paid a call to him in the basement which houses the website part of the business because he’s one of our advertisers on YMX, but he’s also got a great story.  My son Tim came along to see if the battery on his (old) 3rd generation iPod could be replaced.  Not only could it be replaced, but the part needed was on-hand, and it was fixed in pretty short order by Dave (who does much of that sort of work).  It charged for a while as we chatted with Bob.

Long story short, if you need your iPod repaired, or need parts for it, or have questions about it, I highly recommend www.thepoddrop.com (866-929-DROP).

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    […] If you have a broken iPod laying in a drawer unused then The Pod Drop is a no-brainer solution. They even purchase old iPods. I happen to know the owner, Bob Carter and I can vouch for his reputation. Don’t just take my word for it. The Pod Drop has been making news here, here and here. […]

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