It’s finally here!

The past few months have been – to put it mildly – overwhelming. I’ve posted here and there about some of the ups and downs with our family health situations, job starts & stops & travel, and more. It really has been extraordinary, and God has been faithful to meet our needs, to bring healing and peace and strength for each moment.

So what is it that’s finally here? I’m working an event this weekend, Jr. SonShine, and it’s the first of them I’ve been able to be at personally (others have happened with the help of a LOT of friendly, stalwart volunteers). I’m doing the speaking, which I love to do and am excited about. Sr. SonShine is next weekend, too. Everything is planned around the fun fact that the year ends in 007 – games, talks… spy stuff… I’m really looking forward to it because the thing I’ve missed the most about parish-based youth ministry has been having a specific group of kids to invest in over time. It’s been, and will probably continue to be, an adjustment to invest in a lot more kids and youth workers over a longer period of time and less directly for most of it. And taking a big and necessary break in the midst of it (to care for my sick son) has prolonged the adjustment and taken away some (not all, but some) focus.

So, long story shortened, I’m very much looking forward to hanging with kids and leaders this weekend and praying that while doing that God will use me and them to show himself strong.

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