It’s Friday already?!

Wow, has it been a full week.  There have been a number of topics zooming by about which I said “I should blog about that” but I honestly haven’t had the concentrated time to flesh out the ideas.  I get stuck there sometimes, forgetting that blogging is not demanding perfection – nope, that would be something inside of me demanding that… grrr.

A few prayer requests:

  • random health-related stuff seems to have crept up on us.  Several family members have populated the calendar with a number of doctor’s appointments.  Nothing big and scary, but lots of them.
  • we’re starting to get close to Tim’s “move out” date!  There is plenty left to do with packing and getting a few items he still needs for the dorm, plus getting the final word on the financial aid situation.
  • a friend who has been living with us for a little over 3 years is also preparing to move out.  It’s a good thing for her, but also a tad stressful.
  • in a crazy thunderstorm yesterday water somehow got into the space between the first and second floors on the bedrooms side of the house (no pipes to leak) and drip into the living room.
  • had a great meeting yesterday with a friend who is a candidate for a local municipalities open police chief position.  We talked about urban people/culture and needs, and some ways I’ve seen that the police can be a more positive entity while still doing their primary mission.  I’m praying he gets the job, though I did tell him I thought he was a little crazy for wanting it!
  • my business has finished it’s first official month of existence!  It’s amazing how God has provided open doors and opportunities; I’m so grateful.
  • we’re attending the wedding of a former student this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to celebrating with Ricky and Michele and their families.
  • on Sunday we’re going to visit a church that we’re hoping Tim can get plugged into as his “college church.”
  • and there are a ton of other friends and family members going through huge life changes.  God knows all the details, but I know that more prayers for things like adjusting to new jobs, moving, welcoming new family members and grieving the loss of some others are most welcome.
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