Lent: The Jesus Way

In the absence of a church-organized small group study for the Lenten season, I’ve chosen to read and study Eugene Peterson’s book The Jesus Way – a conversation on the ways that Jesus is the way as my own Lenten study. I intend to focus on the seven chapters of Part I: The Jesus Way between now and Easter (Part II is Other Ways).

The chapters in Part I are:

  1. Jesus: “I Am the Way…”
  2. Abraham: Climbing Mount Moriah
  3. Moses: On the Plains of Moab
  4. David: “I Did Not Hide My Iniquity”
  5. Elijah: “Hide Yourself by the Brook Cherith”
  6. Isaiah of Jerusalem: “The Holy”
  7. Isaiah of the Exile: “How Beautiful on the Mountains”

If you have read, or want to read, this book and want to discuss it, I’d welcome the interaction. I’ll blog about the material I’ve read on Fridays.

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