Look at the tropics!

When you click the link at the end of this paragraph, you’ll see a color enhanced IR satellite image… Wilma south of the Gulf… look east toward the leewards and see a forming storm (potentially Alpha)… look further into the Atlantic and see another tropical wave… historical, yes, but geeeeeez!

We left a chunk of our hearts in the Ft. Myer’s area last summer as we helped some folks recover from their horrible 2004 hurricane season. On my heart tonight as the forcasters point out the storms’ track goes in their direction are Ricky and Crystal and all the homeless we encountered in Fort Myers Beach; pray for the residents of Independence House and St. James Place, homes in the Coral Springs area that care for young adults with Downs Symdrome; pray for Ann and John and their neighbors who lost their homes to Charley in 2004 and needed to pretty much completely rebuild; pray for the Christian community in the greater Ft. Myers area and where ever Wilma hits. Still praying for it to be gone, too!

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